I would like to thank again all those who made it possible and believed in this project.


I would like to thank Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic and Honorary President of SIOI, for having supported this project from the start and generously granted his High Patronage to RomUN 2012.


Thanks to Mr. Franco Frattini, President of SIOI, for his cooperation and his contagious enthusiasm, and for having inaugurated the General Assembly and Closing Ceremony of RomUN 2012 with a highly inspiring speech.  Thanks to Min. Michele Valensise, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for having hosted us and Min. Sebastiano Cardi, Vice Secretary General of the MFA, for having welcomed us on 24 November and for his introductory speech. Thanks to Amb. Marcello Salimei, Secretary General of SIOI, for his kind interest in the project and having taken part in the Opening Ceremony of RomUN 2012. Thanks to Sara Cavelli, General Director of SIOI, for her constant support and invaluable advice. Thanks to all SIOI personnel for their fundamental help.


I would like to thank the Chairs of RomUN 2012. You made it such a great and enriching experience for each delegate. I would also like to thank the Head of RomUN 2012 Press Agency and all the members of United Media.


Thanks to all MSOI STAFF for their commitment and professionalism. Without you our efforts and sacrifices would have not had such great results.

Finally, I would like to thank all the delegates to RomUN 2012. As I had chance to tell you publicly a couple of times, I was deeply impressed by your commitment, seriousness, knowledge and active participation. This was indeed not only a Model of the United Nations, but also first and foremost a youth conference where bright minds from all over the world joined forces to focus on the most pressing issues facing the world today. We, the youth, have the right and the obligation to work hard to shape a better future starting from today based on mutual respect, dialogue and cooperation. With your exceptional commitment, you have made RomUN 2012 a small but essential drop in the ocean of human enhancement.


From the bottom of my heart, yours faithfully,


Edoardo Morgante

RomUN 2012 Project Manager and Secretary General


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